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Professional Lead & Mold Testing in TheGreater Atlanta Area

Mold and lead can be deadly problems in a home. From basement leaks to lead paint in an older home, the effects mold and lead can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Serving the McDonough and Decatur, GA, areas, Top To Bottom Inspection Services, LLC, ensures thorough lead and mold testing services to give you better peace of mind.

Safety First Through Mold & Lead Testing

Safety is our inspection company’s top priority. Whether you need lead or mold testing, we make sure to be thorough and provide you with a comprehensive report on our findings as well as practical solutions to resolve any mold or lead issues in your home. 

Mold Testing

Mold can come from a wide variety of sources in a home. Moist, wet, or dark spaces with little airflow encourages mold growth. The spores released from mold can cause irritation to your eyes, mouth, nose, and lungs. Talk to us today about our comprehensive mold testing services—we’re here to keep you safe.

Lead Testing

Lead was once a major ingredient in residential paint until it was found to have negative consequences for the health of homeowners. Prolonged lead exposure can cause certain symptoms, including behavioral changes, abdominal pain, high blood pressure, and more. Let the professionals at Top To Bottom Inspection Services give you the lead testing you need to stay safe. 

Schedule Your  Mold & Lead Testing Today

When you’re in need of expert lead or mold testing, turn to Top To Bottom Inspection Services. We provide in-depth assessments and comprehensive reports to show you any and all problems in your home as well as methods to correct them. Call us today to request a free quote.